A Festival of Culture, Politics and Art: May 8th

Democracy, Equality, Culture Beyond the Nation

Programme for the Transeuropa Europe Day Conference

Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR

Sunday 8th May

2.30pm Scotland in Europe

Is there a Scottish way to Europe? And if so what is it?

With John Brand (European Movement), Neil Mitchison (European Commission in Scotland), and Tony Giugliano (Scottish National Party and JEF-Europe)

3.30pm Jani Lang

The award winning fiddle player explores the shared traditions of violin music from across Europe.

5pm Jani Lang –  European Storytelling

An afternoon of storytelling to celebrate the universality of stories, on the 200th anniversary year of the first publication of the Grimm brothers fairy stories.

6pm Keynote lecture: Luisa Passerini

Oral historian, writer, and professor of history, Luisa Passerini’s work connects political, social and cultural life with oral history, memory, identity, and narrative form.

Luisa Passerini (Professor of Cultural History at the University of Turin, External Professor of History at the European University Institute in Florence, and Visiting Professor in the Oral History Master Program at Columbia University)

7.30pm Europe: what a Passion!

Narration and projection accompanies the story of European political unity told through the performance of 12 songs from famous European songwriters.

Paolo Barillari

In partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh.


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