Another Road for Europe!


“Another Road for Europe”

invites civil society organisations, social movements, networks, Trade Unions and political forces
to a one-day discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels on the ways out of the European crisis.

The “Another Road for Europe” Forum will be held on June the 28th, 2012, 9am -6.30pm at the European Parliament in Brussels

in cooperation with

The Greens–European Free Alliance,
Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, (tbc)
European United Left–Nordic Green Left.

Participant organisations

The list is in progress:
please send a communication that your organisation will participate to

Active Citizenship Network, Arci, Attac France, Attac Germany, Attac Finland, Democratic Left Scotland, Economistes Atterrés, Euromemorandum, European Alternatives, European Movement, Fiom-Cgil, il Manifesto,, Rete@sinistra, Sbilanciamoci!, Social Watch Italian coalition, Soundings, Transnational Institute, and more

The event

At the moment many proposals are being made about the future of Europe and the way out of the crisis. The aim of this event is to open up a debate at European level between activists, experts, political forces and policy makers on the actions that European and national institutions, political forces and social organisations can take to move beyond neoliberal policies, and towards a sustainable and democratic Europe, free from discriminations and inequalities.

This initiative is part of a range of activities that are being organised at the European level on alternatives to the crisis. We propose to organise the meeting around three issues (Macroeconomic policies and finance, Green New Deal and employment, Democracy) and to have a first, informal exchange of views on the most relevant ones, in order to be able to understand which are those around which we could build a common approach and, if possible, future common or coordinated actions.

Each session will be introduced by speakers from civil society organisations and experts’ networks who will summarise the proposals that have emerged on each topic, opening up a discussion with activists, representatives of different political forces and Members of the European Parliament. The aim is to contribute to the emergence of shared proposals for alternative policies at the European and national levels. Participants will include a wide range of civil society organisations, networks, Trade Unions, experts and intellectuals, as well as the progressive political forces in the European Parliament.
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